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"Spotify: Spotify Top New Artist - knowing Spotify Artist "Vitruvian MAN" Releases "Circus of a Lifetime Album" on Jan 3, 2020. Single Gonna go to the Super Bowl, Bad Boi and Caviar, No Time for Jealousy.


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Gonna Go To The Super Bowl: Available Now on All Platforms | Spotify Location | Vitruvian MAN Releases New Song Gonna Go To The Super Bowl


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Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground, AMW Group) January 27th, 2020: Producer and lyricist, Vitruvian MAN, has released a new song, “Gonna Go To The Super Bowl,” just in time for the National Football League (NFL) championship game. The song is one of three to be highlighted on the album, “Circus of a Lifetime”. 

The lively song focuses on the story of a man dreaming of going to the Super Bowl with his wife. Although the song’s upbeat demeanor brings hope to the main character’s dream, it takes a surprising twist when he arrives, and the stadium is closed. Although the song debuted for the 2020 Super Bowl, Vitruvian MAN plans to release edited versions of the song for future Super Bowl games.