GP7A News: Sexpot Comedy. Finding Kayvan Denver Mayor of Sexy Pizza

GP7A News: Sexpot Comedy Finding Kayvan Denver Mayor of Sexy Pizza Joint

Published 3.8.2017| 7:06 PM By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Local | Mayoral News | Sexpot Comedy | Sexy Pizza

GP7A News: Sexpot Comedy. Finding Kayvan Denver Mayor needing, Sexy, Pizza is GP7A News looking for Sexpot Comedy, finding Kayvan Khalatbari, Sexy Pizza, Denver Mayor, #TaptheVote in 2017. Just took a walk round my office in the "Equitable Building". I love Denver people. very honest, if you just sit back and listen. I think, that the following of "Sexy Sheik" many is, Marijuana, Pizza, and Comedy. My favorite three things, to do.

Nevertheless, Denver voters, do not like the way, things are going, and they feel there is a dark cloud over Denver. I ask them, how they feel about certain candidates, including myself. And i can tell you folks. Go walk in a neighborhood -9 below zero, (even being called out a s a liar, by Candidate Jake Vaiano, I set him straight) and expect someone to open the door, and talk politics. The insults, the fouled mouths, from "I will call the police, you are trespassing", I only Vote Democrat, and their will only be a democrat for Mayor, been that way since 1963", "I only Vote black, sorry", I would never Vote for your kind", "You'll never be mayor, with that hair, what are you some Indian", "Denver will never support a mayor with a pony tail", "Michael Hancock is a crook, and so are all those who vote for him, and I'm a Democrat", "I will never, Vote Democrat, again, our city is Nonpartisan, therefore, I don't Vote, no more", "If Robert W. Speer were alive, he would be blowing a gasket", "Son, the fact that you came to my door, in subzero weather. That's drive we need for Denver", "If you're going to be Mayor, I want to know. How do we lose $100,000,000 every year, starting at end of Hickenlooper? where did all that money go", "You know, you’re not going to get nothing out of running for Mayor of Denver. except lose. but if you were a Democrat, you would get a job, with the good ol' boys". there is a lot more, and this was the clean stuff. I won't tell you, about the threats, spitting, name calling.

It's like…really…dude, I know, where you live??? These are the worse haters, I have ever seen. Some, just because, I bothered them, as they were getting ready to eat dinner. Anyone who has ever, knocked on a stranger’s door to get a signature, could write a book. 

These are the things, Kayvan, did not hear, on gather signatures. Because, Kavan Khalatbari, had people, collect his signatures for him. When Kayvan Khalatbari, decided to run for Denver City council at Large in 2015. even though he first came out and told everyone.