GP7A News: Governor John Hickenlooper to Veto Pot Clubs, Ban on RMJ

Published March 9, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Natinonal | Governor Colorado | John Hickenlooper | Veto | Pot Clubs

"GP7A News: Finding, Governor John Hickenlooper, siding on the law (Rico Act)/Riot Act), and sighting, White House and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in regards to Banning Recreational Marijuana in 2017. John Hickenlooper, Governor does not have any choice. But to Veto Pot Clubs Warning by Tom Downey Attorney Recreational Marijuana RMJ Rico Act Colorado House Bill 184 Governor Hickenlooper Veto Pot Clubs Colorado House Bill 184 Governor Hickenlooper to Veto Pot Clubs Colorado.  That meeting???

U.S. Governors Meet With President Trump In Washington : NPR in Feb 27, 2017 - NPR's Ari Shapiro spoke to many Governors'. They all got the waring of RMJ. The Medical Marijuana industry, those who are smart enough to head the waring of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in that, AG Sessions is "Dubious" about Recreational Marijuana". 

Remember, the United Sates Government does not need to tell you, they are coning to enforce the law. But, those who sit on the side of Medical Marijuana...You're MMJ Industry is going to be big! Look for Walgreens, and King Sooper, Rite aid, etc. all those Pharmacies, to be selling the best DANK"."

-Marcus Giavanni


JOHN FRANK | and ALICIA WALLACE | | The Denver Post | PUBLISHED: March 8, 2017 at 7:34 pm | UPDATED: March 8, 2017 at 8:40 pm. *Content under the last sentance 2019. Was the Opinion of GP7A News| Published 3.9.2017

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GP7A NEWS: "Veto, A Must, He Will" -YODA on Colorado House Bill 184

Published 3.13.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | National | Governor Hickenlooper | Pot Clubs | VETO | Banning Recreational Marijuana | United States

"GP7A News and Pot Clubs: "VETO, A Must, He Will" -Yoda Does Governor John Hickenlooper VETO, Colorado House Bill 184???The answer, is yes, and Governor Hickenlooper, knew about it, (Recreational Ban of RMJ) at the "National Governors Association Conference 2017" This ban on recreational, (Not enforced, but A.G. Sessions gave, curious warning..."I'm DUBIOUS about Marijuana" The Medical, at this point had nothing to worry about, because they respect, the Schedule 1 Drug, and the needing of prescription. Attorney General Jeff Sessions; "I am DUBOIS about Marijuana", -Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Friends, if you know, anyone in the Recreational Marijuana Industry WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

Attorney Tom Downey Ex Director of Excises and license for the city and county of Denver. Appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show September 12, 2015.

What would happen if the Federal Governemnt, came in a enforced the Fedearl Laws on Schedul 1 drugs. Or the sale of Recreatioanl Marijuana, which is a Schedul 1 drug. For now, Mediacl Marijuana is not the issues. ANd those in the Medical field of prescribing Marijuana is folloing the Law to some, instance. Being that it was passed as stae law. But everyone knows, that Fedearl laws trupms State, County, and City laws.

That Prop 300, was the propostion, that brought down the Recreational Marijuane Industry. Under the Rico Act, is how the Federal Governemnt will file criminal, and civil penalties. To those who did not heed the warning by the White Houe, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. About Banning Recreatioanl Marijuana. -Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Governor Hickenlooper Veto Pot Clubs Colorado House Bill 184

Published March 9, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | National | Governor | Colorado | John Hickenlooper | VETO | Pot Clubs | Banning Recreational Marijuana

"GP7A News: Governor John Hickenlooper has no choice but to VETO the "Coloado House Bill 184". Her lies the actual Rico Act. See, 18 U.S. Code Chapter 96 - RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS, Knowing the Rico Act, will save lots of poeple who have not decide to comploy with the open warning from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. When you think this will just go away. It's Not!  

The fact that Attorney gernarl Jeff sessions, and the White House, have some what approved Medical Marijuan. And since, law abidning citizens, and the politicians, who sworn an oath to wacth their citizens backs. Marijuana is still an Schedule 1 drug

Just listen to the video above. It's the Marcus giavanni Show with Attorney TomDowney, (Ex-Exsizes and licence Director, Denver). Appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show, by invitaion from "Marcus Giavanni".

-Marcus Giavanni

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