GP7A News Denver: Knowing what you like in Art, Music, Food. The Artopia 2017, again meet all expectations. (No Octopus, was missed, by those who attended “Artopia 2015”. And to, all the wonderful people who attended, this must see, event. (least once). How hard Westword works to make this night special, safe, and leaving people in a trance “Artopia Conversations”, until next “Artopia 2018”.”

There is nothing more exciting than musicians meeting for the first time. And knowing, they already have something, before it even starts. we get to share our passion and knowledge about our stories about the music scene, with others, which is what really makes our future music scene for the City of Denver, even better. Whether creating a local street parties, and helping plan the perfect destination to those looking to hear what’s new with local musicians, It is a true pleasure to be able to learn about places that only “Jonny Barber” knows in the City of Denver, and beyond, and getting to be a small part of so many people's lives.

Thus, the reason, “I love the City of Denver. And “Everyone who Loves Denver. Jonny Barber and Marcus Giavanni is going to start a new conversation to the World.

“Denver knows talent, got talent, and the places to see them, drinking, and parting at your favor spots. When you visit the City of Denver. You’ll come to find, you will have many spots. And Don’t worry, the weekend, is yours, in the City and County of Denver.-By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News

GP7A News: Jonny Barber Marcus Giavanni Does Westword Artopia

"GP7A News: Reports that Jonny Barber and Marcus Giavanni Does Westword Artopia in 2017. Epic Night at the Artopia, you should have gone. #TapTheVote. It was called Artopia 2017, presented by Westword and Patricia Calhoun, Editor and she's been at it for 33 years. And Patricia, loves what she does, and she loves all the people she works with, and employees. Live is very fast, at an Alternative paper. Why not through yourself a party, highlighting, the finer things in Life in the City and county of Denver. 


And “Mayor Michael Hancock 2019, well, he is silently, increasing, adding money $77,000 to the Hancock for Denver’s war chest. Political Committee. And if Mayor Hancock is misleading people that he may run, to just fill his coffers. Then Mayor Hancock has no respect for campaign fiancé. Especially, when going against, underfunded, the Rodney Dangerfield of Denver Politics. 2019 Candidate Marcus Giavanni. The most efficient candidate, to date, and just look at the Advanced Google Search Results of the Future. Believe it, or not.

The Official 2019 Mayoral Candidates registered with the Denver Elections division is Marcus Giavanni, and Kayvan Khalatbari. And rumors are he's now trying to save his weed empire. With the bad news about the White House claims they are going to Ban Recreational Marijuana in Denver, and cites like it across the United States of America. 

GP7A News and Politics: "Knowing the difference, between, Marcus Giavanni who does not need anyone but the Future Denver Voters. Whereas, Michael Hancock, needs to have everyone do eveything for him"." Thus, on Google Wisdom and exercise, trumps, career politicians, like Michael Hancock 2019. Did you hear…Marcus Giavanni running again for Mayor in 2019.