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Opinion Review: Mike Coates: Does Mike Coates really care about his AMW Group Clients? Knowing You're Fired AM World Group News by GP7A. About #mikecoates, or @mikecoates.

Who is #amwgrp or #amworldgroup. It is of our opinion/review of our, Opinion Review about Mike Coates 20 years of Expertise., and out dated PR MAN. Just go ask Laurel Daggers and Amber Coats. It these names in the clouds, AMW Group doesn't know.

Why all the analytic mumbo jumbo?

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.... Mike Coates: “Mike Coates with AM World GRP. Knowing Mike Coates and AM World GRP. Mike Coates AMW Group you're fired AM World Group News What to Expect PR Company; Fired. @mikecoates, #mikecoates, @amwgrp, #amwgrp, knowing @amworldgroup to  #amworldgroup. News and what to Expect PR Company”.”

When you think about a starving Musician or an Artist who raps and sings only. And these gifted individuals, and bands; chances of getting anyone, to listen to their music, almost next to impossible. 

AMW: @AMWgrp to #amwgrp, knowing and learning about "Keetria Garner Chambers" and 'Mike Coates"; see AMW Keetria Garner Chambers and Mike Coates. And who is "Keetria Garner Chambers"? See; "keetriagarnerchambers,  by Vitruvian MAN, see; #vitruvianman, and #circusofalifetime.  SMO Worldwide and MB Holdings Artists Music Label. Helping All artists with their music management marketing and branding.

When you think about an artists and the work, and long hours to master their craft. And they don't call Artist or Musicians broke dicks for nothing! So, it's no surprise when artists get ripped off by a marketing company touting 20+ years of expertise. And come to find out they are an outdated Marketing company that used to have big clients??? 

Where does the truth began, and the bullshit end? 

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So, these starving independent Artists Musicians and their Independent Label. All have to turn to someone for marketing right?

So, as they franticly search the Internet. They find the top PR companies. And those websites who tell us who is the best top Best PR Companies. And most are website you never heard of. 

Even New Independent Labels who represent Artist and their music also a feeling the pain of doing business with an alleged reputable PR Firm/Company. 

Now fast forward to actually choosing a PR Marketing firm. And the one that stood out the most was “AMW Group, also known as; AM World Group’s website is AMWorldgroup.com

This is where  an independent Label and their artists. And when Artist do not have any management. These Independent Artists/Musicians must deal with their own business dealings.

When looking at the AM World Group website. You see all their clients. (But you don’t know, who is current or who is a past clients. And the question should be. … Why are they passed clients. Why are they not client still??

The above Video is a recording of the clients backend and entrance to the AMW Group Platform. This is the AMW Group Clients's Dashboard. The only way AMW wants all communications. But we sent christina@amworldgroup.com, laurel@amworldgroup, and lets not forget the worthless amber@amworldgroup.com. And you can see for yourselves They don't repond very fast, nor do they work very fast, And what it took AMW Grop to get to putting out 1 press relase for $2,500 using a lower authority Press Relase Comany. You could use yourselves. In this video you will read things that have never been discloesd to a company like AMW Group. And they will ignore your reusts, and not do what you ask. Sihting 20+ yearsof alledged expertise.

How dare any of you qustion this AM Worldwide Group. - Vitruvian MAN

The above video is a recording of an email blog battle that started with AMW Group Laurel Daggers.

This video is the actual email that Laurel Daggers. As clients we asked to speak to the owner of the company. And they again ignored us. And told us to only communicate within the dash board. and not send emails to them individually. The only reason they would do this. Because they can't control business emails. And if there is a problem. They will lock you out of your account. And then they have the choice to delete it. And never have any details. Because you cancelled your account. And believe me. AMW Group Amber Curtis does not like to be told what to do.

When you think about the responce, and the actions of this group. 

We tried to work it out with AMW World Group Mike Coates, afetr weeks of trying to find out who the owner is. We never found out. - MB Holdings

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What we did to protect our clients. We back charged $2,500 of the credit card. And now our clients are out $2,500 dollars. But they have legal means to go after AMW Group. How does Laurel Daggers like the sharp edge of this conversation? Our next move is the Attorney General office complaints in 3 states. (New York - Texas - California)

Do you know most artist who go independent usually lose all their money, their dreams, their family members, their investors. And they are too embarrassed to ask for help.

The good news for my clients. They could have lost an addtional $5,000 dollars. 

This was what we got out of AMW Group has now lost all credibility Relevance and their Wisdom to have known better. - MB Holdins Artists Music Artist