Michael Moore Suffers Heart Attack Warning by Marcus Giavanni

Published 3.2.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Mediacl Warning

"GP7A News: "Michael Moore Suffers Heart Attack" Warning by Marcus Giavanni Warning go to Doctors now.  On 3.2.2017 Marcus Giavanni, (Data Scientist) saw Michael Moore on FOX; showing, Michael Moore blowing a gasket on the bias news/fake news channel MSMBC (The station Fox News uses for poles, and other news snippets). Michael Moore was said..."This is the Sickness of this Man" Michael Moore was speaking about how “President Donald Trump” who honored Widow of fallen Navy Seal William "Ryan" Owens. It was during this rebroadcast on FOX and Friends. Marcus Giavanni saw that Michael Moor did not look healthy. Michael Moore has always looked unhealthy over the years. But this time Marcus Giavanni saw something different. 

Marcus Giavanni then asked the "Wizard Knows All, Tells All" Michael Moore got to the doctors…NOW! The Hate you carry with you, is killing you slowly. And you can't take any of this with you, when you go! Prayers...for Michael Moore! Be the guy looking up, instead ...of the guy looking down. I'm the guy looking down, so you can't be me! Look up Michael Moore, let go of the HATE; it’s time to Live, and LOVE!  -Marcus Giavanni

About Michael Moore, look, Michael Moore warnings. When he goes to the doctor, and they say "Michael Moore you're as health as a horse.

Then we know, that Marcus Giavanni, and the Wizard, were wrong! Which is expected, but at least, we hope, Michael Moore goes to doctor. Unfortunately, these said algorithms, say...otherwise. -Marcus Giavanni (lets all go to daoctrs).