Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019...not so fast...Mr. Big Stuff!

GP7A News: "About City and County of Denver. Look, did you hear about "Mayor Michael Hancock", running for a 3rd term??? GP7a News reports about "Denver Mayoral Elections in 2019, #tapthevote with Giavanni vs Hancock 2019"." Denver News about the 2019 Elections is already in the know. Does the continuation of Mayor Micahel Hancock's policies, and prejudeses, really what Denver needs for it's future.

The future of the city and county of denver is not the current idolgy of governance, organazion control, business control, department control. Do you see Mayor Michael hancok for a 3rd term. Only if you know him personaly, and beleive it. Mayor Hancock's voter base will allow the Democratic lead Mayor. To side on, Demcoratic issues (national), rather than the issues, facign the city and county of Denver (Locally).

Future Denver voters 320,000 will decide for what is truly best for our "City Deautiful Denver". One of the main issues that Future Denver Voters are speaking about. 

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GP7A News: Alphabet Company, Google, Larry Page, Sergey Brin 

GP7a News: Published 2/24/2017 -Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: "The Alphabet Corporation, also known as the Alphabet Company. Known legally, as, Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet: GOOG (NASDAQ) is moving light speed of everyone else. And they love it when everyone shares the Google phenomenon.

Known as, "Google Home", it will revolutionize the way Google Home Indexes your entire Life. 

Don't worry, If you use a Google app. Google is already indexing, by your permission, when you sing up for you Google Account.

Just make sure, when you make your commitment to Google. Only use Google Products, and services.

Folks...Denver's Next Mayor for 2019

"The City and County of Denver's next Mayor in 2019. The Next Mayor better be able to have the Wisdom to see the future. By living adversiaites, that our Mayor ofDenver has learned. to shaep his Mayoral duties on cleaning uo the conversation. From Monoploy, to, Power to the Citzens of Denver.

GP7A News: Alphabet Company, Google, Larry Page, Sergey Brin

GP7A News: Finding Kayvan Khalatbari and does, Kayvan have the wisdom, beyond Wee, Pizza, and Comedy in 2017, 2018, 2019, TapTheVote, Giavanni vs Hancock vs Khalatbari.

Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor in 2019. Does he have the wisdom? Knowing Kayvan Khalatbari as the Ganjapreneur Mayor wannabe in 2019. However, Future Denver Voters, when asked on the streets, of the city and county of Denver. By GP7A News-Marcus Giavanni why Kayvan Khalatbari is not right for Denver mayor 2019. Most voters said “Kayvan Khalatbari, missed lots of City council forums, always

Claiming he was too busy, and Kavan always had his people showing up on his behalf. I know firsthand, based on phone calls, and emails, he was too busy to talk to me (Marcus Giavanni), when I approached him, his staff about the homeless issues, no mayoral debates, and how serious, Kayvan was of being a City council at-Large Candidate in 2015 in the city and county of Denver.

I can tell you this. If I had an opportunity, to be able to debate, then incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver in 2015. I would have been all over it, like a dog, on a bone!

I earned my 8,033 votes, taking me to 2nd place, in the Denver Mayoral election in 2015.

With no Denver Mayor Debate held, (for those who were asleep or sustaining from voting, no mayoral debate was held. And the silent, true Denver Historians said this was the first time in Denver History) and Denver Voters cried foul to the then, 2015 candidates for city council, candidates for Auditor 2015, candidates clerk and recorder 2015. Many voters asked why there was no mayoral debate. And why are the candidates for 2015 candidates for city council, candidates for Auditor 2015, candidates clerk and recorder 2015. Why were they allowed a debate forum? And the Denver Mayoral Candidates for 2015 Denver Mayoral elections for 2015.

I can tell you this. But 8,033 voters told 10 people each. And now that is 80,00

Based on future mayoral predictions, and how much sweet was earned for each candidate, and the adversity, each candidate, has triumphed over. Advanced Google Algorithms predicts the

candidate with the fullest bucket list. Wins. For it will be wisdom, experience, and the ability to flip the script, to the advantage of the citizens of Denver in 2019.

This is the calm, before the Storm, come 2019.

Mayor Hancock are you ready!

By Marcus Giavanni, GP7A News 2017

Michael Hancock raises $77,000 3rd The Denver Post Jon Murry

By JON MURRAY | | The Denver Post | PUBLISHED: January 31, 2017 at 3:22 pm | UPDATED: February 1, 2017 at 3:40 pm, GP7A News added Opinion, after the text, The Denver Post, Jon Muarry. Click on Image to go to Jon Murry's story.