GP7A News: About, Look, Sexy, 2019 Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor

Published: 2.24.2017 By Marcus Giavanni

"GP7A News: "Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni about Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari, in the Race, for Mayor, in 2019. GP7A News reports about, Look, Sexy, 2019 Kayvan, 2019 Khalatbari, 2019 Mayor of Denver. #Tapthevote Giavanni vs Hancock 2"."  

The City and County of Denver's next Mayor in 2019. The Next Mayor had better have the Wisdom, to see the future, run to bad news, protect our veterans, our baby boomers, and never use our children as, political pawns. (By nonprofits, claiming to be nonpartisan).

Our next Mayor in 2019.  Will have earned, his or her wisdom. By triumphing or negative adversities. The ideal, Denver Mayor Candidate will sit amongst[G1] , the other candidates during debates, forums, meet and greats. The candidate with the most adversities, siting at the judgment table of Denver Voters.

This specialized candidate, will be a true advocate, for the people, operational governance, of the city and county of Denver in 2019. The Mayor of Denver for 2019, will have learned, from his adversities, and persecutions. No!  The Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019 is, a career politician, with no business experience, but to be a Mascot Mayor. That is powered by the same ideology, since 1963. This is not law worthy, to say the least.

True Denver historians, have confessed the same, out on the campaign trails, in the small city of Denver’s boundaries. “GP7A News: Reports did you hear about “The next Mayor of the city and county of Denver’s 11 Council Districts, and 2 Denver City Council at-Large councilpersons. All, City councilmember, auditor, clerk and recorded must denounce the Democratic Party. The good news, they still get a seat at the table. But now, the other food group contributors (Independents 139,000 registered voters, 40,000 Republican registered voters,  get a voice in the City government of Denver”.”

and will not be a career politician.

From his to shape his Mayoral duties on cleaning up the conversation. From Monopoly, to, Power to the Citizens of Denver.


This Is an Article.

GP7A News: Finding Kayvan Khalatbari and does, Kayvan have the wisdom, beyond Wee, Pizza, and Comedy in 2017, 2018, 2019, TapTheVote, Giavanni vs Hancock vs Khalatbari.

Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor in 2019. Does he have the wisdom? Knowing Kayvan Khalatbari as the Ganjapreneur Mayor wannabe in 2019. However, Future Denver Voters, when asked on the streets, of the city and county of Denver. By GP7A News-Marcus Giavanni why Kayvan Khalatbari is not right for Denver mayor 2019. Most voters said “Kayvan Khalatbari, missed lots of City council forums, always

Claiming he was too busy, and Kavan always had his people showing up on his behalf. I know firsthand, based on phone calls, and emails, he was too busy to talk to me (Marcus Giavanni), when I approached him, his staff about the homeless issues, no mayoral debates, and how serious, Kayvan was of being a City council at-Large Candidate in 2015 in the city and county of Denver.

I can tell you this. If I had an opportunity, to be able to debate, then incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver in 2015. I would have been all over it, like a dog, on a bone!

I earned my 8,033 votes, taking me to 2nd place, in the Denver Mayoral election in 2015.

With no Denver Mayor Debate held, (for those who were asleep or sustaining from voting, no mayoral debate was held. And the silent, true Denver Historians said this was the first time in Denver History) and Denver Voters cried foul to the then, 2015 candidates for city council, candidates for Auditor 2015, candidates clerk and recorder 2015. Many voters asked why there was no mayoral debate. And why are the candidates for 2015 candidates for city council, candidates for Auditor 2015, candidates clerk and recorder 2015. Why were they allowed a debate forum? And the Denver Mayoral Candidates for 2015 Denver Mayoral elections for 2015.

I can tell you this. But 8,033 voters told 10 people each. And now that is 80,00

Based on future mayoral predictions, and how much sweet was earned for each candidate, and the adversity, each candidate, has triumphed over. Advanced Google Algorithms predicts the

candidate with the fullest bucket list. Wins. For it will be wisdom, experience, and the ability to flip the script, to the advantage of the citizens of Denver in 2019.

This is the calm, before the Storm, come 2019.

Mayor Hancock are you ready!

Alphabet Company, Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin | GP7A News

I Love Google, So Much, It's Ridiculous 

GP7A News: "Alphabet Company, Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin | GP7A News. Alphabet Company, Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin | GP7A News, did you hear by Marcus Giavanni I Love I Love Google, So Much, It's Ridiculous"." Knowing Google+ Conversation Authority in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and now, 2017. The future belongs to those with verifeid authority by Google. TO submit content on Google Browser. If you are looking to "Establish Authoirty Ownership Over a Conversation. Make sure you have the google authority to do so. 

"Alphabet: Alphabet Inc. is a holding company that gives ambitious projects, the resources, freedom, and focus to make their ideas happen — and will be the parent...Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate founded on October 2, 2015, by the two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with Page"."

More big news in the coming years for sure.

GP7A News reports on who, “Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari”Kayavan Khalatbari

Published May 16. 2017 | 4:00 pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Frontrunners | 2018 Elections | Mayoral Elections 2019 | 64 Counties | Future Colorado

Kayvan Khalatbari: “GP7A News reports on who, “Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari”, and Denver Relief, White House Ban Recreational Marijuana”. From Bloomberg Politics reporting by Jennifer Kaplan on February 23, 2017, 3:09 PM MST. The headlines shocked the MJ community. Ban on Recreational Marijuana to Be Enforced, White House Says...Banning Recreational RMJ: GP7A News about Banning Recreational Marijuwanna in Denver 2017 , The White House ,Says, look 80202 in city of Denver 2019. #tapthevote. Marcus Giavanni ... Doing work nobody can see. Except on Google Searches ... Pricless!

Kayvan Khalatbari: Trying to Flip other Candidates Script and Why No Kayvan Mayor 2019 Will takes on Marcus Giavanni on May, 7, 2019 | Published 6.20.2017 8:42 AM by Gp7A News

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Kayvan Khalatbari: Every time candidate Kayvan Khalatbari Clones a Phrase, Idea, Conversation, Image, Video, Whatever

Published June 20, 2017 8:54 Am By Marcus Giavani | GP7A News | Denver Mayorl Election | 2019 | Candidate | Kayvan Khalatbari | Ganjapreneur | Claim to Fame 

GP7A News: Google Alerts notifies Marcus Giavanni. Click here for News about candidate "Kayvan Khalatbari" running for "Denver's Mayor for 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections. When are the elections? answer: The Denver General elections are May 7, 2019. Some in the establishment, are talking about not holding another Denver Mayoral Debate, or Denver Mayoral forum. Did you hear @TaptheVote, Get Out the Vote Colorado by Candidate Marcus Giavanni”.”? 


It's already getting toasty out there in Denver" I won't tell you what news caster said this. But today: it was 61 digress. She is it was toasty. When I watch the news, I feel like I'm living ground hog day!