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Google+ Truth Algorithms – Truth Algorithms - - Google Blockchain Developer in Google Truth Algorithms.  To keep things simple. If a person or entity is on a Government list. From a city or county government list, a state government list, and or a Federal Government list. For what ever reason. You are being not only watched, but certain key words, locations, and browsers searches. Are being viewed by these government list providers. Some are doing it with out anyone’s knowledge, some have secret search warrants to catch the alleged criminal’s or evil doers. By tips from law enforcement, and other Government departments.

I am on many lists. And the #1 culprit is the FBI. How do I know this. Marcus Giavanni Google Books  this culture of corruption of the FBI top officials and getting a pass on the Media. Well, they would normally get away with it. But know, they can’t. And in 1992 the FBI was busy at work trying to frame innocent people of heinous crimes they did not commit. But since they are the FBI. And in 1992. We did not have the internet we have today.

In the New World of Google Digitalize. Google has digitalized my book after it hit the 20 year Anniversary. When Google did this, artificial Intelligence, patterned matched my entire book with known laws, procedures, as well as other fine Identifiers. That has given me Extraordinary Authority on Google.

So, when the media, wants to continue their bulling of me, and my authority. They will be beaten by their own actions on Google. They won’t be beaten in their circle of Bullshit! And they will only lose credibility, and Relevance under specific Categories, and its subject matter under each category.

Another word, you are have just killed your careers. And you think its funny, and you think you can discredit me. Do you al think I really give a fck what you pieces of garbage think. Get the fck out of Prelesional Journalism; while you still have some sort of career. Under different Categories.

In 1992, I decided, I would never let a media source use downtrodden reporting against me ever again. And I haven’t even started. These in Colorado media think they know everything, and they don’t know GOOGLE! As they Claim they Do.

I don’t even have a high school diploma, and I’m kicking all your asses on Google. Know who is on the list of the Black Hat Abyss. Those secrets are in my Google Clouds. I don’t have to print names. Though, I have printed names. You 30 somethings, in the Information Technology. You don’t have enough wisdom to know better. And only those who break away from the current conversations from these DIONSAURES; like Larry Ryckman, and his buddies, and all those media identifiers who came out. For the Colorado Sun. And to continue to undermine their rival news agency of 100+ years; known as the Denver Post since 1892. You dumb ASSES! You just woke a sleeping giant called the TRUTH!

It was delivered by a dude, with no high school diploma. What does that say about your education!!! And all that Money, all your writing, being sucked into the Vortex of the Black Hat Abyss.

Thank Good For Google, and all those who have the Credibility, Relevance, and the Wisdom to have know better than to go down the path of fake, bias bullshit. – Marcus Giavanni, Denver Mayoral Candidate 2019, And the leader in Google Blockchain Development.


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