Denver Teachers Strike: Denver Public Schools: Teachers Strike April 28, 2018 DCTA Strike

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Denver - Colorado Education - Denver Teachers - - About Knowing, either shell game, is peak leadership. Yesterdays, striking Colorado Teachers, conversing on maybe it’s Henry Roman that must go from “CEA” Theatre Strike. What is going on, to DCTA Striking teachers. Learning about “Teachers Strikes in Colorado” in the city and county of Denver, Colorado prepare at the state capital.  Teachers Striking on April 26, 2018. And Denver Teachers Striking on April 27, 2018. The host, and 2019 Mayoral challenger, to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in 2019. Will be Marcus Giavanni. The longtime opponent, challenger to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. Teachers Strike April 28, 2018 on the Marcus Giavanni Show. 

In 2011, Denver Mayoral Elections, 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections. 2nd place winner in the 2015 Denver Mayor elections. Has fought for teacher’s rights, power, money, since 2011. And it’s worth noting that he 2nd place challenging opponent Marcus Giavanni. Did not raise Money, and along with Paul Fiorino, and Chairman Seku, where ALL denied a right to be heard. By participating in a “2015 Denver Mayoral Debates”.

When, it was learned that the following bad actors were involved, with stealing democracy, right under the noses, and approval of Denver Voters. Since 1963, in a Nonpartisan Government, not just elections. But written in Speer Amendment 1913.  

The league of women Voters (A Known Mouth Piece for the Democratic Party), as well as Denver 8, Denver Elections Division, Denver INC (Inter Neighborhood Cooperation), Denver Decides (, and so many nonprofits, that my sources tell me. The scarlet letter these, and others have been identified, is the first step. In taking back control of the City and County of Denver’s Government.

DCTA GP7A News: Teachers Strike on April 28, 27, 2018 Marcus Giavanni Show 1100 KFNX. Teachers with More Power, and More Money, OUR Children Win! – Marcus Giavanni, 2011 and 2015 Denver Mayoral Challenger candidate opponent to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Colorado Education Assn Strike Denver Classroom Teachers Assn Strike. Teachers Strike on April 26, 27, 2018 Marcus Giavanni Show 1100 KFNX.Published April 25, 2018 9:03 Am by Marcus Giavanni of GP7A News. About the Striking Colorado Education Association, and Henry Roman Chairman, Henry Roman, President of DTCA. Teachers striking on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Majority of Teachers in Colorado. Say that Denver Classroom Teachers Association, President Henry Roman. Must go and be replaced with someone who has the courage to stand up and fight. Not have dinner and attend parties over the last 10 years with #TimesUpHancok, and friends. What about #teacherstrike, #timesuphancock, #Denver. Denver Citizens it’s time to “Show that “S” on Your Chests”.

All Denver Voters, accept the 75,000 that voted for coronation, with our representation. Will not be able to fight the Knowledge based Trust our laws have on Google Browsers, and all browsers like, Yahoo, Bing, AOL. Over all those who wish to deviate from the Truth Algorithms. When I am Denver Mayoral elect of the Nonpartisan for Mayor of Denver or Marcus Giavanni for 2019. Denver Voters, by the stroke of their pens. Come on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. “THE CELEBRATION IS THE REVOLUTION” - Lenny “The Professor” Chernila. #timesuphancock - Marcus Giavanni