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Denver News Events:

"GP7A News: "New Leader in Denver and All of Denver" Google My Business News, Google Calendar, Google Events, Google Entertainment, Google Technology News, Google Music News. I'm sure you get the point. right now, we are testing our market. We are doing some advanced algorithm updates to our platforms. So, that our content grows one end-user at a time, in the city and county of Denver"." As well, as across the United States. And depending on our new editor. 

GP7A News plans to go Worldwide, by end 2018. We are looking for that special Editor that will push nonpartisan/independent business news, calendar news, event news, entertainment news, technology news, music news, education new, social issues news...whatever news you want we'll get it for you. Our goal is to push the Arts, and Restaurants, and the sponsors who like to party.

GP7A News is looking for and Editor/publisher with 20+ with experience in the above news sources. We will pay $150,000 annual plus, (stock options) the Cadillac of employee benefits. and a $3,000 per month, take our clients out credit card. We will discuss this contract. When you call.

Marcus Giavanni, will be registering GP7A News, with Google. As part of being, a Google Developer (Personally, MG), as the final stage, and grand opening of GP7A News. And Marcus Giavanni will be the Publisher/CEO of GP7A News. The entity formation, is a division of the For Sale By Owner Company, Inc. The FSBOC has been in development since 2013. And the creation of GP7A News, is to be sponsored by FSBOS,, SMO Worldwide, (Brand), Marcus Giavanni Show (Brand), FSBOC Internet Broadcasting, GP7A Attorneys Directory,,,,, MarcusGiavanniforDenverMayor.Com, and many more.

Marcus Giavanni is a Fluke. I am, a Fluke. And it's not so bad, when I put it all into perspective. I don't have a high school diploma. I'm very dyslexic, and it takes multiple spelling checks, and even, then, sometimes the Hear, here, who, how, there, their, you get my point. Then to top it off, I'm ADD controlled, by MMJ. And self-control, like nobody, has ever seen before. 


It's okay. I’m having fun, meeting cool, people, wanting change of conversation to Innovation, Love, and Peace.  

For now, I'm just, controlling what i can, and following Googles   big adventure.        

-Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Sexpot Comedy & Pussy Bros Happy Birthday Party for Amy Miller

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GP7A News: Finding, Denver news, and events, knowing, this special night of the thirteenth. Too of my favorite people, are celebrating their birthdays. Comedian extraordinaire, and the pippy, "Comedian Amy Miller". Per the Sexpot Comedy article by Wally Wallace. (When every I here Wally, I think of Leave it to Beaver (My favorite show, and still is), and Wally Voss Musician/Bass Player, Died on November 29, 1992. (#FUCKCANCER), (Avery bad year, for me). Wally Voss, died of Hodgkin's lymphoma, at the age of 34. Wally Voss, was one of the most badass base players, I have, had, the pleasure to see perform, and rehearse with. R/I.P. Wally Voss).

Nevertheless, this Wally, Wally Wallace, Sexpot Comedy, wrote this about the rising comedic genius, of Amy Miller. Happy Birthday Amy Miller. Continue