Herb's Bar

There is nothing more exciting than traveling the world and experiencing other cultures entertainment. At Herb's Bar, we get to share our passion and knowledge about Comedy, Comedy, comedy, with others, which is what really makes our establishment #1 in the city and county of Denver, even better. Whether creating "Open Mic Nights in Denver", to helping plan the perfect destination party place, or booking a special event for a group of friends, it is a true pleasure to be able to learn about Comedy, and getting to be a small part of so many people's lives. that work, play, and perform at Herb's Bar.

Established in 1933, Herb's has managed to build up quite a network and a reputation. People are always coming back because they know someone they saw at an excelent performer, arist , and musians at Herbs. Or because they overheard someone talking about the fub time, and love they recieved at Herb's Bar. At Herb's Bar there is no better compliment, as it says a lot about the level of service we provide, and lets you know.

We actually care about our patrons. -Love Herb's Bar

Herb's Bar: Open Mic Night in Denver

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