GP7A News: "When Blumberg came out with their head lines. "Ban on Recreational Marijuana to Be Enforced, White House Says" by Jennifer Kaplan her story. checks out to be good schematics of the Ban on Recreational"." 

Perhaps, it's something in the air that makes this entire, idea, seem ridiculous. With no banking, lots of cash, and peeps want t know where all that money is going is taxes are still going up for schools. Well, it's simple. when you brake the idiocy of how the Marijuana Industry rolled out. And the deal with the Devil, they had to made. 

Data Scientist Marcus Giavanni Ban on Recreational Marijuana to Be Enforced, White House Says. The ban on recreational Marijuana was for told by Marcus Giavanni since, 2015. Marcus Giavanni developed..."Reversed Engineered Alphabetical Mathematical Equation with numeric imputes". 

The dilemma, with some in the "White House" about Recreational Marijuana Legalization. Is the fact. It’s hard for normal people, to allow, a Schedule 1 DEA drug. That one’s needed to register for a Medical Marijuana card. due to medical reasons, requiring consumption of a Schedule 1 drug. 

Now comes, people like Kayvan Khalatbari (The most experienced in business of ALL City council and Mayor Michael Hancock combined. -Kavan Khalatbari, 2015, 5th place, Art Large Candidate). 

These Marijuana advocates/consultant, have been able to circumvent local laws, in a way, to legalize, under state and city statutes; to sell, distribute, Medical, and Recreational, public consumption. The analytics clearly shows, the normal people in the White House, cannot conceive, of making a Schedule 1 drug, available without a perception. Let alone, making the said Schedule 1 drug available for recreational. 

Here in lies the problem...The Marijuana advocates/consultants where will to accept, the Medical Use first. Knowing their true intention was to make it recreational. These Marijuana advocates/consultants did not realize they made the worst mistake, by accepting Medical Use first. rather than go full blown Recreational.

Now, the president is for Medical Use only, backed up by the recent stand down order of removing Marijuana from the Schedule 1 status drugs. So, in all actuality, the White House has no choice but to ban recreational use. And require a medical MJ card for future purchases. Furthermore, the Marijuana advocates/consultant could not see the forest through all those big dank buds! 

Then, you add the greediness of Kayvan Khalatbari “El hombre que lo quiere todo ahora mismo”. 

In fact, it is Kayvan Khalatbari inexperience, and his unwillingness, to listen to others in the industry. To slow down, lay low. And let’s worry about getting bank regulation reforms. Kayvan should have known the rules. Only Kayvan knows which rules, Kayvan broke, in the code of Gagster. 1. Don’t get high on your own supply. 2. Keep low profile, don’t exploit your business. 3. Don’t be greedy, for it will end you.

Now, the good news. If Marijuana advocates/consultants would just band the recreational, and go medial. Then all your dreams will come true. And the White House would work with congress. So, that everyone gets a back account. One more thing to worry about, Algorithms say. Drug stores, are going to be the next “playa” in the Medial Dispensary Business.  

This move will allow medical, and everyone must get verified for weed. Next time, make sure when you’re trying to go recreational consumption. Next time Kayvan, make sure it’s not on the DEA Schedule 1 Controlled Drugs list. You silly rabbit!  

The moral of this story... 

It appears the city council and Mayor Michael Hancock were smarter than a man in a chicken suit who sells a schedule 1 banned substance to the citizens of Denver. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, don't count your future money from recreational bud sales when the White House says bad the Schedule 1 for recreational. Or...President Donald Trump, could get congress to remove the classification from the schedule 1 drug list. Then everyone can smoke it, sell it, just like cigarettes. 

Then all the medical goes away, as if it never meant a thing. Stupis is, what stupid does. -Forrest Gump 

By Marcus Giavanni

Note: I'm no Professional Journalist, but if I, have it figured out. So, has everyone else in the White House…could some please tell Kayvan Mayor 2019, and  Hancock for Denver 2019 


 GP7A News: Ban on Recreational Marijuana United States "Just Say No" White House 

Published 2.27.2017 |By Marcus Giavanni  GP7A News | Local