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Published Feb 14, 2018 7:39 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denverite | Andre Kenney | Interview | City of Denver | Colorado | Black Hat Abyss | 2018 Season

2018 Black Hat Abyss: The 2018 Season for Black Hat Abyss recipients. Denverite’s City writer Andrew (Andy), Kenney. Marcus Interviewed Denverite Andrew Kenney, at the same time. City writer Andrew Kenney was interviewing. Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver Mayoral Candidate for 2019; Marcus Giavanni. The Bias News set up went like this.

Actual Email Andrew Kenney to Marcus Giavanni: On Feb 9, 2018 11:10 AM, "Andrew Kenney" <> wrote: Hi Mr. Nelson-Giavanni, I saw you had filed to run for Denver council in May 2019. I'm a journalist covering the city. We're going to run a quick story on the candidates we have so far -- would you have a few minutes to talk by phone today about why you're running and what you hope to accomplish? Best wishes Andy”."

I returned Andrew Kenney’s call on Friday February 9, 2018 1:37 Pm the call lasted exactly “33m 26s (Out going call log). 

In short ….
I told Andy that I was surprised. Denverite, reached out to me. Since, I post the twitter about how I thought Denverite was a lap dog reporter. Like Jon Murray of the Denver Post. Another Bias News King for 2011 and 2015. I went on to say how Jon Murray wrote that Kayvan Khalatbari was the only candidate to register. And that I was the 1st official candidate to file on December 20, 2018. I told him of the Denver Metropolis 12-year Plan, I told him of the Fresh start program.

I told Andy what companies I owed, about. Googling the entire City and County of Denver. I told him to Google Image search City and County of Denver that I was an entrepreneur and a Father’s rights advocate, and Homeless advocate. I told him about the Black Hat Abyss. And I told Andy to Google Search “Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor of Denver 2019”.”.

I told Andy about the Denver International Hub, and my alternative , and sustainable energy ideas. I told him of my ex Metal career in Hollywood, California, and the night clubs I opened in the 80’s. The Cow on Santa Fe Arts District. Blah, Blah, Blah, and when I’m Mayor I will sing the National anthem at the Broncos Super Bowl game 2020. And at my inauguration. And All Andy could write about was my music, as if I had no other ideas. And that I was the 2nd candidate. Andy can write about anything he wants. But when it comes to me. I will battle back, and as I Told Andy. I am the Most Powerful Nonpartisan Source. Message: Andrew Kenney, I though you’re were a #badass, but I knew, what you were doing. The twitter was the verify. And the proof is where this.

Story Ranks on Google searches. The Black Hat Abyss 2018 Season. Is one that startrs in the clouds. From the moment we spoke on my Google phone, to the emails, to the conversation near, and around Andrew Kenney, Denverite and all emails, phone calls, and other means of communications. Shhhh!

My Interview with Andy of Denverite, from the City Denver. Will County Denver, GP7A News and Reporter Marcus Giavanni. Lands the big story of the Bias News King for February 14, 2018 by Marcus Giavanni, with GP7A News about #TaptheVote, and Denver's next elections are in 2019. There are more than a dozen candidates, all saying the same thing. The secret, who has the Wisdom, and the ability to Love Google. – Marcus Giavanni

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