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Published May 3, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Elections | Colorado | Who | What | When | Where | 2017 | 2018Governor2018.Com | Candidates

GP7A News: Trending now… What 2018 Governor, and Where, Colorado, and When on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Or 11.6.2018.  Who are the Candidates for Governor of Colorado, in 2019? This Gubernatorial Election 2018, will be the most important election in the 21st century. Coloradans are going to have to pick a candidate that represent you, your family, your business, or you job. There are 64 counties that make up the beautiful state of Colorado. We have come to a point in time 104 years. To face the truth about the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580. It’s time the 63 counties, to wake up what the number 1 county, Denver. And what Denver’s Current Government, most who did not vote, 320,000 say Monopoly of Denver by Democratic Party of Denver. Since 1963. Wake up Colorado Voters. The shell games stop, today. The next Governor of Colorado in 2018. Must, know the future, and can navigate, or put in place, entities, or individuals, or sector groups. Of those who can navigate Colorado. And it’s capital, the city and county of Denver. To the level producing the “Denver International Hub 2019”. All Built by design, by Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Marcus Giavanni”.”

One thing for certain, for those nonbelievers, Marcus Giavanni is doing work nobody can see, except on Google Searches ...#TaptheVote …Boom Baby!

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GP7A News and Colorado Gubernatorial Race

Published 5/16/2017 2:16 pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Gubernatorial Election 2018 | Primay Frontrunner | Candidates | George Brauchler (R) | Ed Perlmutter (D) | Trending

Frontrunners News: "GP7A News and Colorado Gubernatorial Race GOV When, Election ... Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Termed Out by Marcus Giavanni"." Gubernatorial, Colorado, Frontrunners, Front-runner, Frontrunner. The next colorado candidates are the forerunners, for sure. Who are the candidates .. we have "Colorado Republican Candidate George Brauchler". Democratic Candidate Senator "Ed Perlmutter". These two candidates, battling, for current 12 year stagnant, and budget short falls. And cuts to hospitals, as well as other infrastructure. but they all managed to get a raise. Some Voters are very, very, very ... pissed off. I wish all Candidates Google luck. And God speed.ouble-click the text box and begin editing. Use the text editor to customize your text. It's that easy!

Governor Colorado 2018: Trending, frontrunners who George Brauchler 11.06.2018

Published 5.31.2017 5:03 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Governor Colorado | 2018 | Elections | Frontrunners | Frontrunner | George Brauchler


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Governor and Magagement: What is a "Magagement Governor" one who embraces Google, Strongmen, Women, Protecting their States.

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GP7A News: What is a Magagemant Governor. And how will magagement skills, help the new governors to succeed in building the future for the 36 state races. And all the brave men, and women candidates, looking to be their states next Governor for the 2018 United States Gubernatorial elections. And the conversations, leading up to the Google Voice search of "Who is Marcus Giavanni". Go a head, ask Google! All candidates will be challenging the other, whistle, the "Governor front runner 2018". Are working tirelessly, to build, and strategies, and sector partnerships needed. To move their state forward in this ever so, changing technology world we live in. #TapTheVote - Marcus Giavanni

Where are you in the conversation chain, and what relevance do you bring to the subject matter.

GP7A News: Why is "Candidate George Brauchler the 2018 Governor of Colorado Frontrunner" along with Candidate Ed Perlmutter, the frontrunner for democratic primary elections in June of 2018"." what, "Frontrunner for Governor 2018" is "George Brauchler" for find, "Colorado Governor frontrunner in 2018"." Election is 11.6.2018, Does, Who, where are the Front-runners? Does the GOP know they are in charge? Why do they still act pre-Obama presidency "Candidate George Brauchler" is running for Colorado Governor in 2018"." The (R) is stands for "Republican Party" Governor in Colorado in 2018"." And Front runners Democrats Ed Perlmutter (D) stands for "Democratic Party", is running for Governor of Colorado 2018. Ed Perlmutter frontrunner for the democratic party, front candidates.Click here ... is the Frontrunner for Democratic candidate for Colorado Governor for 2018."."

Jared Polis: GOV Colorado Jared Polis Governor running on 100% Renewable LMAO!

Pubished August 10, 2017 12:34 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatoril Election 2018 | Candidate | Jared Polis | Running | Governor | 100% Renewable Energy | Click on Image or Here

Published on: Aug 10, 2017 12:07 Pm By Marcus Giavanni | Google Search | Youtube Search

GP7A News: GOV Colorado: GOV trending Gov News "Governor of Colorado Front runner 2018"          knowing your Governor of Colorado for 2018 will be the most important 2018 Colorado Gubernatorail elections in Colorado History of Voting for Colorado GOV. The GOV Primary is sometime in June 2018. The Governor's race will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018."

GP7A News: Governor of Colorado 2018 Published 8.8.2017, 10:00 Am by Marcus Giavanni | Governor of Colorado | 2018 | Primary June 2018 | Colorado Governor's Race November 6, 2018"."

GP7A News Disclaimer: To all future, and current candidates running for Governor in the 2018 Gubernatorial Elections What is your authority, amongst, those like Marcus Giavanni front end conversation control, and redirect? Now go speak EDOC. To 
Victor Mitchell you have 3 million dollars. I have none, Check Mate, Mr. Victory! And the Wrong Choice for Colorado Governor. I would love to debate you, I would twist you like a lime, that’s sitting on the top of my long neck Corona! Victor Mitchell I guess your donors, are getting what they paid for. A big … “Phat ZERO”!” 

Victor Mitchell you can’t buy my Vote, or this Election in 2018. 
100% Google Verified Facts! Come on Victor, Build a BETTER COlorado. Do you have to plagiarize the Democrats, your campaign could not come up with your own slogan. Or did the Democrats steal it"."

Just like Jared Polis .. Claiming real results, and he's never going to be Governor. 100% Guaranteed. Governor Front runner 2018 … Who Dat! Ya .. Heard Me!If you have not filed to run for governor in your state. And there if there is more than three candidates, in a specific party affiliation. Then you might as well, sit this one out. You could do more damage to your relevance, then you think. When the 
election process is all over. And you find yourself, your message, your authority. Heading to the Black Hat Abyss. Keep laughing folks .. for at the end of the day. Where are you on Google? 
-Marcus Giavanni 

Run George Brauchler Governor 100% Best Man Our Next 2018 GOV Colorado Published 8/7/2017 GP7A News is the paradigm shift needed to restore Professional Journalism In the United States of America. You know, we All have reached a point of Pathetic when you have a Dude, like Marcus Giavanni
Google Top Organic Search, and Only where I want to Be ... Priceless! -Marcus Giavanni

I Love Google ... Innovation, Love, and Peace ... want some?

Marcus Giavanni is a candidate for the city and county of Denver Mayoral elections.
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