GP7A News: Sexpot Comedy & Pussy Bros Happy Birthday Party for Amy Miller.

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GP7A News: Finding, Denver news, and events, knowing, this special night of the thirteenth. Too of my favorite people, are celebrating their birthdays. Comedian extraordinaire, and the pippy, "Comedian Amy Miller". Per the Sexpot Comedy article by Wally Wallace. (When every I here Wally, I think of Leave it to Beaver (My favorite show, and still is), and Wally Voss Musician/Bass Player, Died on November 29, 1992. (#FUCKCANCER), (Avery bad year, for me). Wally Voss, died of Hodgkin's lymphoma, at the age of 34. Wally Voss, was one of the most badass base players, I have, had, the pleasure to see perform, and rehearse with. R/I.P. Wally Voss).

Nevertheless, this Wally, Wally Wallace, Sexpot Comedy, wrote this about the rising comedic genius, of Amy Miller. Happy Birthday Amy Miller. 

To my son, Atouro, you're 18 years old. Today, is the beginning, where I let you, be the man. You will be. I LOVE you son, with all my heart. I never scarified you, for fame, money, or my favorite, WOMEN! You were worth, every sacrifice, and pain. For, God told me, my judgment would be on how I raised you, and your brother, Santino, and Sister, Zipporah. You all make me feel, I have lived for a purpose. Good Luck at your college choice. University of Denver. You're my Honor student, and your education, will be the only thing. No body, can take away. It is, the key, to your future!

Trust me son, I'm a Fluke. And, your everything, I'm not! I'm so PROUD of YOU! I Love you, son...PAPA! -Marcus Giavanni

To the Department of Health and Human Services of the City and County of Denver. Magistrate Karen Huber, Judge Hood, Monica Jackson, City Attorney’s Office (Scott Martinez), Denver ethics board. KISS MY ASS. You NEVER BROKE ME, ONE DAY IT WILL ALL COME OUT, JUST AS< I HAVE HAD TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAIST YOUR ABUSE POWERS. IN 2019, I WILL BEAT YOU AGAIN. MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK, YOUR WORTHLESS, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU BROTHER. NOTHING PERSONAL! AND YOU HAVE NO WISDOM, And EVERYONE KNOWS IT, NOW! AND WHEN PEOLE, FIND OUT WHAT YOU ALL HAVE Done. TO MY DID FMILY, YOU”RE FUCKED! IN 2019, Brother! (For you PC Police, if my langue, is too harsh. Then GO TO church, and pray for me. For I am a SINNER!)

For tonight, is lucky 13, and the PARTY begins...BOOM BABY! -Marcus Giavanni

langue, is too harsh. Then GO TO church, and pray for me. For I am a SINNER!)

BOOM BABY! -Marcus Giavanni

For Tickets to the Party only $5 bucks Clcik On the Image above.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... with Comedian Amy Miller \ Son Atoru Giavanni | March 13, 2017


GP7A News: Birthday Party featuring Amy Miller Comedian

Published 3.13.17 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Local | Comedy | Amy Miller | Birthday Party | News Event | | City and County of Denver

"GP7A News: "Birthday Party" featuring Amy Miller Comedian, produced by Pussy Bors, Sexpot Comedy at RACHOUSE, Denver, CO"." "GP7A News, knew it wasn't Comedian Amy Millers Birthday Party. GP7A News knows, Birthday Party featuring Amy Miller, Finding, Comedy, in what we do, in 2017. #TaptheVote. We just took the conversation, into a different conversation, for advanced alorithm tests. -Marcus Giavanni"."